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2580A Circumstantial Account of the Preparations for the Coronation of ...Walker, Edward 1820
2611A complete account of the ceremonies observed in the coronation of ...1727
2610A complete account Of the Ceremonies observed in the coronations Of ...1727
2652A description of the several pageants, exhibited on the 29th Day of ...Taubman, Matthew n.d.
2619A Faithful Account of the Processions and Ceremonies observed in the ...Thomson, Richard (ed.)1820
2608A Particular Account of the Solemnities used at the Coronation of His ...1761
2607A Particular Account of the Solemnities Used at the Coronation of His ...1760
2549A Perfect Relation of The memorable Funerall of the Right Honourable ...1646
2598A Poem On and To Her Gracious Majesty Upon the Day of Her Happy ...1685
2597A Poem on the Coronation Of our most Illustrious Sovereign K. James ...1685
2584A Poem upon His Majesties Coronation the 23 of April 1661. Being St. ...[Evelyn, John ?]1661
3037A poem upon the coronation Of His Most Sacred Majesty King James II. ...Mansell, R. 1685
2542A relation of the gloriovs trivmphs and order of the Ceremonies, ...1625
2579A sermon Preached at the Magnificent Coronation of The Most High and ...Morley, George 1661
2599A Sermon Preached before Their Majesties K. James II. and Q. Mary, at ...Turner, Francis 1685
2590A True Account of the Invitation and Entertainment of the D. of Y. at ...n.d.
2541A True Discovrse of All the Royal Passages, Tryvmphs and Ceremonies, ...1625
2548An Elegie upon the most lamented death of the Right Honourable and ...[1646]
2604An Exact Account of the Form and Ceremony of His Majesty's ...1714
2603Ausführliche Nachricht von den Engländischen Crönungen, wie es mit ...1714
256Beschreibung Der Reiß: Empfahunng deß Ritterlichen Ordens: ...1613
2630Brittannia's Honor: Brightly Shining in seuerall Magnificent Shewes ...Dekker, Thomas 1628
2621Ceremonial for the private interment of her late Royal Highness, ...1786
2625Chrysanaleia: The Golden Fishing: Or, Honour of Fishmongers. ...M., A. 1616
2595Continuazione delle notizie d'Inghilterra In occasione della morte ...1685
2605Die Bitte Salomonis um Befoderung des Reichs Messiä: als der ...Ruperti, Georg Andreas 1714
2600Die Krönung Ihrer Majestäten Wilhelm des III Und Marien zum König ...[1689?]
1895Einzug in Londen, von Ihrer königl. Mayest. Carolo II. König in ...1660
2567Einzug in Londen, von Ihrer königl. Mayest. Carolo II. König in ...1660
2547Englands Comfort, and Londons Ioy: Expressed in the Royall, ...[1641]
2520Expicedium. A Fvneral Oration, vpon the death of the late deceased ...[Niccols, Richard ]1603
2571Festa Georgiana, Or the Gentries & Countries Joy for the Coronation ...1661
2573Heroick Stanzas On His Maiesties CoronationPordage, Samuel 1661
2574Il trionfo d'Inghilterra overo racconto, et relatione Delle ...1661
2543L'Ordre et ceremonies obseruees au baptesme du Prince d'Angleterre1630
2538L'ordre et ceremonies observees, a l'enterrement de la Royne d' ...1619
3056La solenne et felice intrata delli Serenissimi Re Philippo, et Regina ...1554
254Les triomphes, entrees, cartels, tovrnois, ceremonies, et aultres ...Jocquet, D. 1613
2530Les triomphes, entrees, cartels, tovrnois, ceremonies, et aultres ...Jocquet, D. 1613
2642London in Luster: Projecting Many bright Beams of Triumph: disposed ...Jordan, Thomas 1679
2637London Triumphant: or, The City in Jollity and Splendour: expressed ...Jordan, Thomas 1672
2650London's Anniversary Festival, performed on Monday, Ocrober the 29th, ...Taubman, Matthew 1688
2647London's Annual Triumph: performed on Thursday, Octob. 29. 1685. For ...Taubman, Matthew 1685
2644London's Joy, or, the Lord Mayors Show: Triumphantly Exhibited in ...Jordan, Thomas 1681
2636London's resurrection to joy and triumph, Expressed in sundry shews, ...Jordan, Thomas 1671
2646London's Royal Triumph for the City's Loyal Magistrate: In an Exact ...Jordan, Thomas 1684
2649London's Triumph, or the Goldsmiths Jubilee: performed, On Saturday, ...Taubman, Matthew 1687
2634London's Triumph: Presented In severall Delightful Scenes, both upon ...Tatham, John 1662
2632London's Triumphs, Celebrated The Nine and twwentieth day of this ...Tatham, John 1657
3041London's Tryumph, celebrated The Nine and TWentieth day of October in ...Tatham, John 1659
2648London's Yearly Jubilee: perform'd On Friday, October XXIX. 1686. For ...Taubman, M. 1686
2643Londons Glory, or, the Lord Mayor's Show: Containing an Illustrious ...Jordan, Thomas 1680
2651Londons Great Jubilee Restor'd and Perform'd On Tuesday, October the ...Taubman, Matthew 1689
2631Londons Tempe, or the Feild of happines. In which feild are planted ...Dekker, Thomas 1629
2635Londons Triumphs celebrated The 29th. of October, 1664. In honour To ...Tatham, John 1664
2640Londons Triumphs: Illustrated with many Magnificent Structures and ...Jordan, Thomas 1677
2633Londons Tryumph, presented by Industry and Honour: With Other ...Tatham, John 1658
2659Lord-Mayor's Shew: or, The City in its Glory. Now first published ...Henley, John [1760?]
2546Mars his triumph. Or, the description of an exercise Performed the ...Barriffe, William 1645
3027Mars his triumph. Or, the description of an exercise Performed the ...Barriffe, William 1639
2511Masques: performed before Queen Elizabeth. From a coeval copy, in a ...Hamper, W. (ed.); [Ferrers, G. ?]1820
2624Metropolis Coronata, The Trivmphes of Ancient Drapery: Or, Rich ...M., A. 1615
2572Neptunes Address to His Most Sacred Majesty Charles the Second: King ...[Tatham, John ]1661
2582Of the Celebration of the King's Coronation-Day, In the famous City ...Smith, William 1661
2596Order of the Cavalcade, At the Opening of the First Parliament of our ...Kincaid, Alexander [1780?]
2581Relacion verdadera del viage, seqvito y entrada qve hizo en Londres ...1660
2626Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and Iron Triumphing. Applauding the ...M., A. 1618
2529Tethys Festival: Or the Qveens Wake. Celebrated at Whitehall, the ...Daniel, Samuel 1610
2612The ceremonial of the coronation Of His most sacred Majesty King ...1727
2524The Ceremonies, Form of Prayer, and Services used in Westminster-Abby ...1685
2592The Description of the coronation Of His Sacred Majesty K. James II. ...1685
2577The Entertainment of His Most Excellent Majestie Charles II, in His ...Ogilby, John 1662
2576The Entertainment of His Most Excellent Majestie Charles II, in His ...Ogilby, John 1662
2570The Entire Ceremonies of the Coronations of His Majesty King Charles ...Ashmole, Elias 1761
3038The Fishmongers’ Pageant, on Lord Mayor’s Day, 1616. ...Munday, Anthony ; Nichols, John Gough (introd.)1844
2540The Fortvnate Isles and Their Vnion. celebrated in a Masqve design'd ...[Jonson, Ben ][1624]
2638The Goldsmiths Jubile: or, Londons Triumphs: containing, A ...Jordan, Thomas 1674
2593The History of the Coronation Of the Most High, Most Mighty, and Most ...Sandford, Francis 1687
2527The King of Denmarkes welcome: Containing his ariuall, abode, and ...Robarts, Henry 1606
2578The Kings Coronation: Being an Exact Account of the Cavalcade, with a ...Ogilby, John 1685
2525The magnificent entertainment: given to King Iames, Queen Anne his ...Dekker, Thomas 1604
3036The Most royall and Honourable entertainement, of the famous and ...Robarts, Henry 1606
2588The Order and Ceremonies Used at the Funeral of His Grace, George ...Sandford, Francis 1722
2587The Order and Ceremonies Vsed for, and at the Solemn Interment of The ...Sandford, Francis 1670
2528The Order and Solemnitie of the Creation of the High and mightie ...1610
2618The Order of Procession, and the ceremony of performing the challenge ...[1761]
2513The Quenes Maiesties Passage through the Citie of London to ...Osborn, James M. (ed.)1960
2575The Relation of His Majestie's Entertainment Passing through the City ...Ogilby, John 1661
2512The Royall Passage of her Maiesty from the Tower of London, to her ...1604
2510The solempnities. & triumphes doon & made at the sponsell and Mariage ...Ellis, Henry (ed.); Carmelianus, Petrus 1818
2627The Svnne in Aries. A Noble Solemnity Performed through the Citie, at ...Middleton, Thomas 1621
2639The Triumphs of London, Performed on Friday, Octob. 29. 1675. for the ...Jordan, Thomas 1675
2653The Triumphs of London, Performed on Thursday, Octob. 29. 1691. for ...Settle, Elkanah 1691
2655The Triumphs of London. Performed on Monday, Octob. 30th 1693. For ...Settle, Elkanah 1693
2654The Triumphs of London. Performed on Saturday, Octob. 29. 1692. For ...Settle, Elkanah 1692
2657The Triumphs of London. Performed on Tuesday, Octob. 29. 1695. For ...Settle, Elkanah 1695
2645The Triumphs of London: performed on Monday October xxix. 1682, for ...Jordan, Thomas 1683
2641The Triumphs of London: Performed on Tuesday, October XXIX. 1678. For ...Jordan, Thomas 1678
2656The Triumphs of London: Prepared for the Entertainment of the Right ...Settle, Elkanah 1694
2658The Triumphs of London; for the inauguration of . . . Sir R. Levett ...Settle, Elkanah 1699
2622The Trivmphes of re-vnited Britania. Performed at the cost and ...Munday, Anthony [1605]
2628The Trivmphs of Honor and Vertue. A Noble Solemnitie, performed ...Middleton, Thomas 1622
2629The Trivmphs Of The Golden Fleece. Performed at the cost and charges ...1623
2550The True Mannor and Forme of the Proceeding to the Funerall of the ...1646
2601The Whole Ceremony of the Coronation of his Most Sacred Majesty King ...1715
2537Thye Inner-Temple Masque. Or Masqve of Heroes. Presented (as an ...Middleton, Thomas 1619
2533Tractatvs de Salomonis Nvptiis: vel epithalamivm, in sacratissimas ...Willet, Andreas 1612
2623Troia-Noua Triumphans. London Triumphing, Or, The Solemne, ...Dekker, Thomas 1612
2602Umständliche relation der Reise Sr. Königlichen Majestät von Groß ...1714
2594Verissima Relazione della Sontuosissima, e Magnifica Coronatione di ...1685
2613Verses on the Coronation of their Late Majesties King George II. and ...1761
2609Vollständige Beschreibung Der Ceremonien, welche sowohl bey den ...1728
2526Whole Magnificent Enterteinment: giuen to King James . . . with the ...Dekker, Thomas 1604
3070Wie der aller durchleüchtigist großmechtigst vnüberwintlichst ...[1520]
3071Wie vnd in wellicher gestalt Kay. May. von Bruck auss gen Lunden in ...[1522]