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Book ID: 2638
Title The Goldsmiths Jubile: or, Londons Triumphs: containing, A Description of the several Pageants: On which are Represented, Emblematical Figures, Artful Pieces of Architecture, and rural dancing . . . Performed Octob. 29, 1674, for the Entertainment of the Right Honourable, and truly Noble Pattern of Prudence and Loyalty, Sir Robert Vyner, Kt. & Bart., Lord mayor of the City of London . . .
Authors Jordan, Thomas
Year of event 1674
Event description Inauguration as Lord Mayor of London of Robert Vyner (1631-1688)
Event type Installation as Lord Mayor of London
Event place London
Publication info London: W. Godbid for John Playford; 1674; 4°
Pages 12pp
Festival type Dancing; Ephemeral architecture; Musical performances and concerts; Pageants; Songs
Rulers Vyner, Robert, Lord Mayor of London
Shelfmark BL 577.d.41.; BL 9930.g.51.; BL 9930.g.62.; V&A A.61.7; BSB Film R 361-499
Notes Contains the music for 'Let All the Nine Muses'. BL 9930.g.51., BL 9930.g.62. and V&A A.61.7 are a later reprint (1835)