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Records found: 70
Event Number of works
Academic festivals 8
Anniversaries 17
Anniversary of the taking of the Bastille 11
Anniversary of the taking of the Tuileries 8
Birthdays and namedays 56
Births and christenings 211
Bridal Entries 169
Carnival celebrations 50
Celebrations connected with works of art and architecture 4
Compendia and general works: England 3
Compendia and general works: Florence 3
Compendia and general works: France 21
Compendia and general works: Italy 6
Compendia and general works: Netherlands 10
Compendia and general works: Padua 1
Compendia and general works: Spain 1
Compendia and general works: The Papal States 2
Coronations, elections and accessions 374
Court Entertainments 126
Demission of office 1
Description of the Trianon, Versailles 1
Elevation of Colonna Antonia, Rome 1
Elevation to Archbishop 2
Elevation to Cardinal 8
Entries 699
Erection of a statue to José I, King of Portugal 3
Erection of a statue to Louis XIV, King of France 7
Erection of a statue to Louis XV, King of France 1
Erection of a statue to the Duke of Lorraine 1
Execution of Louis XVI 3
Execution of Maria Antonia of Austria (Marie Antoinette) 1
Festival of Reason 3
Festival of the Supreme Being 2
Festivals of the French Revolution 52
Festivities of Homage 72
Funerals, Laments and Memorial Services 213
Installation as Lord Mayor of London 40
Installation as Procatore, Venice 3
Investiture as Count of Flanders 2
Investiture as Duke of Brabant 2
Investiture as Gonfaloniere 1
Investiture as Governor General of the Dutch East Indies 1
Investiture as Grand Master of the Knights of Malta 1
Investiture as Prince of Wales 2
Investiture as Roman Senator 5
Investiture of Cosimo de' Medici as Grand Duke of Tuscany 5
Investiture with Imperial Insignia 2
Investiture with the Order of the Blue Riband 1
Investiture with the Order of the Garter 5
Investiture with the Order of the Holy Ghost 9
Journeys and progresses 115
Laying of foundation stone, Livorno 1
Local Festivities: Chinea, Rome 12
Local Festivities: Feast of St Louis 5
Local Festivities: Gioco del Ponte di Pisa 5
Local Festivities: Porchetta, Bologna 6
Local Festivities: Tasche, Lucca 12
Panegyrics 5
Papal coronations and accessions 82
Proclamation of the Republic of Batavia 1
Recovery from illness 39
Religious Festivities 178
Return of ruler 18
Revolutionary festivals 7
The Field of the Cloth of Gold 4
Treaties, alliances and summit conferences 21
Unveiling of a portrait of Charles, comte d'Artois 1
Victory and peace celebrations 104
Visits 99
Weddings and betrothals 580