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Id Title Author Year
2555A Panegyrick to the King. By His Majesties most humble, most Loyal, ...Higgons, Thomas 1660
2563A Panegyrick to the Kings Most Excellent MajestyCotton, Charles 1660
2564A Poem to His Most Excellent Majesty Charles the SecondBeeston Winton, H. 1660
2557Astraea Redux. A Poem On the Happy Restoration and Return Of His ...Dryden, John 1660
2561Carmen Thriambeutikon Regiæ Majestati Caroli II. Principum et ...Jevon, Rachel 1660
2562Exultationis Carmen To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty upon His Most ...Jevon, Rachel 1660
2559In mirabilem Caroli II. M. Britanniæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Regis . ...Wase, Christopher 1660
2113Le mariage du dauphin fils de Louis XV avec l'Infante Marie-Thérèse.Léonardon, Henri 1900
2216Le mariage impromptu, petite pièce . . . à l'occasion du passage de ...Famin, Pierre Noel 1775
1354Per il fausto ritorno di S.A.R. il serenissimo Ferdinando III ...1792
2560Three Royal Poems upon the Return of Charles II. King of England, ...Philobasileus 1660
2537Thye Inner-Temple Masque. Or Masqve of Heroes. Presented (as an ...Middleton, Thomas 1619
2558To His Sacred Majesty, Charles The Second, on His Happy ReturnEdwards, Thomas 1660
2556To the King's Most Excellent Majesty: on His Happie and Miraculous ...Ellis, Clement 1660
2554To the King, upon His Majesties Happy ReturnWaller, Edmund n.d.
2553To the King, upon His Majesties Happy Return. By a Person of Honour1660
2552To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty. To His Highnesse the Duke of ...Lluelyn, Martin 1660
2566Triumphirlischer Einzug, von Carolus II. König von Groß Britangien ...Cox 1660