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Records found: 70
Event Number of works
Entries 699
Weddings and betrothals 580
Coronations, elections and accessions 374
Funerals, Laments and Memorial Services 213
Births and christenings 211
Religious Festivities 178
Bridal Entries 169
Court Entertainments 126
Journeys and progresses 115
Victory and peace celebrations 104
Visits 99
Papal coronations and accessions 82
Festivities of Homage 72
Birthdays and namedays 56
Festivals of the French Revolution 52
Carnival celebrations 50
Installation as Lord Mayor of London 40
Recovery from illness 39
Compendia and general works: France 21
Treaties, alliances and summit conferences 21
Return of ruler 18
Anniversaries 17
Local Festivities: Chinea, Rome 12
Local Festivities: Tasche, Lucca 12
Anniversary of the taking of the Bastille 11
Compendia and general works: Netherlands 10
Investiture with the Order of the Holy Ghost 9
Academic festivals 8
Elevation to Cardinal 8
Anniversary of the taking of the Tuileries 8
Revolutionary festivals 7
Erection of a statue to Louis XIV, King of France 7
Compendia and general works: Italy 6
Local Festivities: Porchetta, Bologna 6
Panegyrics 5
Investiture as Roman Senator 5
Investiture of Cosimo de' Medici as Grand Duke of Tuscany 5
Local Festivities: Gioco del Ponte di Pisa 5
Local Festivities: Feast of St Louis 5
Investiture with the Order of the Garter 5
Celebrations connected with works of art and architecture 4
The Field of the Cloth of Gold 4
Festival of Reason 3
Erection of a statue to José I, King of Portugal 3
Installation as Procatore, Venice 3
Compendia and general works: England 3
Compendia and general works: Florence 3
Execution of Louis XVI 3
Festival of the Supreme Being 2
Investiture as Prince of Wales 2
Compendia and general works: The Papal States 2
Elevation to Archbishop 2
Investiture as Duke of Brabant 2
Investiture as Count of Flanders 2
Investiture with Imperial Insignia 2
Compendia and general works: Padua 1
Compendia and general works: Spain 1
Investiture as Gonfaloniere 1
Execution of Maria Antonia of Austria (Marie Antoinette) 1
Elevation of Colonna Antonia, Rome 1
Demission of office 1
Laying of foundation stone, Livorno 1
Erection of a statue to Louis XV, King of France 1
Investiture as Governor General of the Dutch East Indies 1
Investiture as Grand Master of the Knights of Malta 1
Erection of a statue to the Duke of Lorraine 1
Description of the Trianon, Versailles 1
Unveiling of a portrait of Charles, comte d'Artois 1
Investiture with the Order of the Blue Riband 1
Proclamation of the Republic of Batavia 1