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Book ID: 2510
Title The solempnities. & triumphes doon & made at the sponsell and Mariage of the kyngs doughter the Ladye Marye to the Prynce of Castile Archeduke of Austrige
Authors Ellis, Henry (ed.); Carmelianus, Petrus
Year of event 1507
Event description Reception in London of ambassadors from the Holy Roman Emperor to arrange the wedding of Mary Tudor, Princess of England (1496-1533), and Charles, Prince of Castille, the future Holy Roman Emperor Karl V (1500-1558).
Event type Compendia and general works: England; Journeys and progresses; Weddings and betrothals
Event place London
Publication info London: Wright & Murphy [orig. Richard Pynson]; 1818; 4°
Illustrations 1 title woodcut
Festival type Banquets and feasts; Bonfires; Church services; Intermezzi; Jousts; Masses; Musical performances and concerts; Tournaments
Rulers Karl V, Holy Roman Emperor as Carlos I, King of Spain; Mary Tudor, Princess of England, Queen of France; Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
Artists Sherwin, William
Shelfmark BL C.21.b.12.; BL C.101.a.21.; BL G.81.(1.)
Notes The marriage did not take place. In 1513 Mary became the wife of Louis XII, King of France, and on his death in 1515 returned to England, where she married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. The editor thinks this tract was suppressed; the only known copies are in the BL. Reprint by lithography. The copy at BL C.21.b.12. is the original, printed in [1508].