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Book ID: 2633
Title Londons Tryumph, presented by Industry and Honour: With Other Delightfull Scænes, appertaining to them: Celebrated in Honour of the Right Honourable Sr. John Ireton, Knight, Lord Mayor of the said City, on the 29th. day of October, 1658. And done at the Costs and Charges, of the Worshipfull Company of Cloth-Workers
Authors Tatham, John
Year of event 1658
Event description Inauguration as Lord Mayor of London of John Ireton (1615-1689)
Event type Installation as Lord Mayor of London
Event place London
Publication info London: Thomas Mabb; 1658; 4°
Pages iv + 14pp
Festival type
Rulers Chiverton, Richard, Lord Mayor of London; Ireton, John, Lord Mayor of London
Shelfmark BL 113.l.12.; V&A Dyce 25.A.133; BSB Film R 361-516
Notes Sir Richard Chiverton (1606-?) was the previous Lord Mayor of London. He was knighted twice: first in 1658 and the second time in 1663.