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Book ID: 2587
Title The Order and Ceremonies Vsed for, and at the Solemn Interment of The most High, Mighty and most Noble Prince George Duke of Albermarle . . .
Authors Sandford, Francis
Year of event 1670
Event description Funeral in London of George Monk, Duke of Albemarle (1608-1670)
Event type Funerals, Laments and Memorial Services
Event place London
Publication info [London]; 1670
Illustrations 22 engravings by Robert White after F. Barlow
Festival type
Rulers Monk, George, Duke of Albemarle
Artists Barlow, F.; White, Robert
Shelfmark BL 567.k.23.; BL 141.i.15.; BL 558*.e.31.; BL G.1000.; BL Tab.1315.b.; V&A 86.H.11; BSB Film R 361-226
Notes The work consists almost entirely of illustrations. Three engraved portraits of George Monk, Duke of Albermarle, have been pasted onto the front leaves of the copy at BL G.1000. According to a ms. note one is by Gaywood and one by Loggan; the third seems to be by F. Barlow. Also added is the pedigree of the Monkes by Potheridge. The copy at BL 507.k.23. contains extracts copied from the London Gazette of 6 January 1669, 24 January 1669, 3 March 1669, 20 April 1670, 25 April 1670, 2 May 1670. The copy at Bl 58*.e.31. lacks the title page and plate; the leaves have been remounted separately.