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Title Londons Triumphs: Illustrated with many Magnificent Structures and Pageants. On which are orderly advanced Several Stately Representations of Poetical Deities, sitting and standing in great splendor on several Scenes in Proper Shapes. With Pertinent Speeches, Jocular Songs, (sung by the City Musick) and Pastoral Dancing. Performed October 29, 1677. for the Celebration, Solemnity, and Inauguration of the Right Honourable Sir Francis Chaplin Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London . . . All the Charge and Expences of the Industrious Designs, being the sole Undertaking of the Ancient and Right Worshipful Society of Clothworkers
Authors Jordan, Thomas
Year of event 1677
Event description Inauguration as Lord Mayor of London of Francis Chaplin (1628-1680)
Event type Installation as Lord Mayor of London
Event place London
Publication info London: John Playford; 1677; 4°
Pages 8pp
Festival type Dancing; Ephemeral architecture; Pageants; Songs; Speeches
Rulers Chaplin, Francis, Lord Mayor of London
Shelfmark BL 113.l.17.; BL 605.c.12.(3.); BSB Film R 361-1361
Notes The copy at BL 605.c.12.(3.) lacks pp. 8-24.