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Title The Trivmphs of Honor and Vertue. A Noble Solemnitie, performed through the City, at the sole Cost and Charges of the Honorable Fraternitie of Grocers, at the Confirmation and Establishment of their most worthy Brother, the Right Honorable Peter Proby, in the high Office of his Maiesties Lieutenant, Lord Maior and Chancellor of the famous City of London. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and perfecting it selfe after His returne from receiuing the Oath of Maioralty at Westminster, on the Morrow after Simon and Iudes Day, being the 29. of October, 1622
Authors Middleton, Thomas
Year of event 1622
Event description Inauguration as Lord Mayor of London of Peter Proby (c.1580-1634)
Event type Installation as Lord Mayor of London
Event place London
Publication info London: Nicholas Okes; 1622; 4°
Pages 7 fol.
Festival type
Rulers Proby, Peter, Lord Mayor of London
Shelfmark BL C.33.e.7.(13.); BSB Film R 360-1074
Notes Lacks the title page.