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Book ID: 919
Title A Short Account of the Life and Death of Pope Alexander the VII. With a Description of his Funeral Machine, and Elegies erected in St. Peter's Church in Rome. Together with An Exact Relation of the particular Ceremonies performed at the Creation and Coronation of this present Pope Clement the IX. With A Catalogue of all the Cardinals
Year of event 1667
Event description Funeral in Rome of Pope Alexander VII (Fabio Chigi - 1655-1667) and the accession of Pope Clement IX (Giulio Rospigliosi - 1667-1669
Event type Papal coronations and accessions; Funerals, Laments and Memorial Services
Event place Rome
Publication info London: Moses Pitt; 1667; 4°
Pages ii + 28pp
Festival type
Rulers Alexander VII (Fabio Chigi), Pope; Clement IX (Giulio Rospigliosi), Pope
Shelfmark BL C.121.b.5.(7.); BNF H- 3148; BNF MFICHE H- 3148
Notes Translated by Philip Ayres from the Italian version by Stefano Cavalli.