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Book ID: 876
Title Del viaggio della Signora D. Lucretia Barberini Duchessa di Modena da Roma a Modena. Lettere di Leone Allacci. All' Sig.r il Sig.r Marcantonio Spinola
Authors Allacci, Leone
Year of event 1654
Event description Journey from Rome to Modena of Lucretia Barberini (1628-1699), to marry Francesco d'Este, Duke of Modena (1610-1658), as his second wife
Event type Journeys and progresses
Event place Modena; Rome
Publication info Genoa; 1654; 4°
Pages 97pp
Festival type Ballet; Jousts; Musical performances and concerts; Operas; Processions; Songs; Entries; Colloquies
Rulers Lucrezia Barberini, Duchess of Modena
Shelfmark BL 1429.k.12.; BNF K- 5350; V&A Piot J 1129
Notes The opera performed was 'Gli Amori d'Alessandro con Rossana'. Also includes the text of a colloquy between Venus, Hymen and the Tiber on the subject of Lucrezia Barberini leaving Rome.