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Book ID: 852
Title Descrittione delle feste fatte in Roma per la nascità del Delfino hora Ludovico XIV, re di Francia . . . e del donativo mandato alla Santa Casa di Loreto, con un breve racconto dell' essequie fatte al defonto re suo padre.
Year of event 1638-1643
Event description Celebrations in Rome for the birth of Louis XIV, King of France (1638-1715), and mourning for his father Louis XIII (1601-1643) respectively, as well as an account of a donation to the Holy House of Loreto
Event type Births and christenings; Funerals, Laments and Memorial Services
Event place Rome
Publication info Rome: Ludovico Grignani; 1643; 4°
Pages 56pp
Festival type
Rulers Louis XIII, King of France; Louis XIV, King of France
Shelfmark BL 1193.m.l.(43.); BNF 8- RA5- 962