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Book ID: 794
Title Coronatione del Serenissimo Cosimo Medici Gran Dvca di Toscana fatta dalla S. di N.S. Pio V. in Roma, sotto di V. di Marzo MDLXIX . . .
Authors Barbiani, Marcello Vestrio
Year of event 1570
Event description Cosimo de' Medici (1519-1574), Duke of Tuscany since 1537, is officialy invested with the title of Grand Duke in Rome by Pope Pius V (Antonio Ghislieri - 1566-1572)
Event type Investiture of Cosimo de' Medici as Grand Duke of Tuscany
Event place Rome
Publication info Florence: Bartholomeo Sermartelli; 1569; 4°
Festival type
Rulers Cosimo II de' Medici, Duke, then Grand Duke of Tuscany; Pius V (Antonio Ghislieri), Pope
Shelfmark BL 9930.e.22.
Notes The date is in 'stile fiorentino', according to which the new year did not begin until April. See Book IDs 1193-1194 for related celebrations.