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Title Il pomo d'oro, Festa Teatrale Rappresentata in Vienna per l'avgvstissime Nozze delle sacre cesare reali Maestà di Leopoldo, e Margherita, Componimento di F.S. Consigliero di S.M.C.
Authors Sbarra, Francesco
Year of event 1667
Event description Opera in Vienna for the wedding of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (1640-1705), and Margarita Teresa, Spanish Infanta (1651-1673)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place Vienna
Publication info Vienna: Matteo Cosmerovio; 1668; 2°
Pages 105pp
Illustrations 24 engravings by Franco Geffels and Matthaeus Küsel after Ludovico Burnacini
Festival type Operas
Rulers Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor; Margarita Teresa, Spanish Infanta, wife of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
Artists Burnacini, Ludovico; Geffels, Franco; Küsel, Mattheus (1667)
Shelfmark BL 640.l.19; BNF 4-RA6-93; BNF FOL-BL-783; BNF R200097; BNF RES-YD-156; BNF ROTHSCHILD SUPPLEMENT-4987; V&A Piot H.0452
Notes Ludovico Burnacini was the set designer. V&A Piot H.0452 is imperfect and wanting some plates.