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Book ID: 711
Title Torneo fatto sotto il castello d'Argio Da' SS. Caualieri Bolognesi il di IX. Febraio 1578
Year of event 1578
Event description Tournament in Bologna at carnival time
Event type Carnival celebrations
Event place Bologna
Publication info Bologna: Giovanni Rossi; 1578; 4°
Pages 112pp
Festival type Tournaments
Shelfmark HAB Microfiche 1722; HAB Microfiche 207:O-2007; BNF 8- RA5- 15; BNF 8- RA5- 16 (1); BNF K- 5118; BNF K- 5352; BNF Ra5 16(1); V&A Piot C 930
Notes The copy at BNF 8-RA5-15 is faulty, containing pp. 1-55. This work is variously ascribed to Antenor Garisendi or to Pompeo Vizani.