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Book ID: 598
Title La Gloria di Primavera nella felicissima nascita del Serenissimo Leopoldo Arciduca d'Austria ... serenata
Year of event 1716
Event description Serenade in Naples to celebrate the birth of Leopold, Archduke of Austria (b.1716), short-lived son of Karl VI, Holy
Event type Births and christenings
Event place Naples
Publication info Naples: Michele-Luigi Muzio; 1716; 2°
Illustrations Engravings by Christoph Schor
Festival type
Rulers Karl VI, Holy Roman Emperor; Leopold, short-lived son of Karl VI, Holy Roman Emperor
Artists Schor, Christoph
Shelfmark BL 1485.d.9. (2.); BL T.35*.(5.); BNF 4- RA5- 590; BNF FOL- YD- 11
Notes Copy at BL 1485.d.9.(2.) is another edition, but quarto size.