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Title Tributi osseqviosi della fedeliss. città di Napoli, per gl' applausi festivi nelle nozze reali del cattolico monarca Carlo Secondo, rè delle Spagne con la serenissima Signora Maria Luisa Borbone. Sotto la direttione dell'Eccellentiss. Signor Marchese de Los Velez Vicerè di Napoli. Relatione istorica.
Authors Castaldi, Guiseppe
Year of event 1680
Event description Celebration in Naples of the wedding of Carlos II, King of Spain (1661-1700), and Marie Louise d'Orléans (1662-1689)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place Naples
Publication info Naples: Salvatore Castaldi Regio Stampatore; 1680; 4°
Pages x + 96pp
Illustrations 30 engravings; full-page emblematic engraving on frontispiece, small emblem on title page, others partly fold-out, partly double-page emblems with subscriptio
Festival type Balls; Bullfights; Cavalcades; Giuoco de' caroselli/juego de alcancías/Carisell; Illuminations; Jousts; Operas; Running at the quintain; Running at the ring; Te Deums
Rulers Carlos II, King of Spain; Marie-Louise d'Orléans, Queen of Spain
Shelfmark HAB Microfiche 207:O-1537; BNF 4- RA5- 566; V&A Piot J 1148
Notes The 'giuco de' caroselli' is a team game in which members of one team take it in turns to bombard the other with hollow earthenware balles. It comes originally from Spain where it is called the 'juego de alcancías'.