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Book ID: 53
Title Ragvaglio della felicissima coronatione in Regina d'Vngaria Dell' Augustissima Imperatrice Eleonora Gonzaga. Fatta in Edembvrgh alli 26. Luglio 1622
Year of event 1622
Event description Coronation in Ödenburg of Eleonora Gonzaga (1598-1655), second wife of Ferdinand II (1578-1637), as Queen of Hungary
Event type Coronations, elections and accessions
Event place Ödenburg
Publication info Mantua: Aurelio & Lodovico Osanna; 1622; 4°
Pages 12pp
Festival type
Rulers Eleonora Gonzaga I, wife of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor; Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor
Shelfmark V&A 80.H.24 (3)
Notes Ödenburg is the present-day Sopron in Hungary. For a different edition of this publication, see Book ID 2864.