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Title Römischer Künigklicher Maies. Krönung zuo Ach geschehen
Year of event 1520
Event description Coronation in Aachen of Karl, later Karl V, Holy Roman Emperor (1500-1558), as Roman King (1519-1530)
Event type Coronations, elections and accessions
Event place Aachen
Publication info [Augsburg]: S. Grim and M. Wirsung; 1520; 4°
Pages [12]pp
Illustrations 1 woodcut
Festival type Banquets and feasts; Fountains of wines; Masses; Entries
Rulers Karl V, Holy Roman Emperor
Shelfmark BL 811.e.53.
Notes Another edition is available: Römischer Küniglicher Maies. Krönung zu Ach geschehe[n] (Augsburg: E. Öglin: 1520; 4°) at BL 1315.b.69. (1.)