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Book ID: 435
Title Das einreyten des Konigs von Franckreich in Jenua auß Frantzosicher zungen Ins Teutsch gepracht
Year of event 1507
Event description Entry into Genoa of Louis XII, King of France (1462-1515)
Event type Entries
Event place Genoa
Publication info [Nuremberg]: [J. Weyssenburger]; [1507]; 4°
Pages 4 fol.
Festival type Processions; Water festivities/regattas; Entries
Rulers Louis XII, King of France
Shelfmark BL 9930.bbb.5.; HAB Gk 2191 (5); BNF MFILM RES 4- LB29- 85; BNF RES 4- LB29- 85
Notes Translation from French.