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Book ID: 357
Title Triumphall Shews set forth lately at Stutgart. Written First in German, and now in English
Authors Weckherlin, Georg Rudolf
Year of event 1616
Event description Christening in Stuttgart of Friedrich (1615-1682), second son and fourth child of Johann Friedrich, Duke of Württemberg and Teck (1582-1628), and Barbara Sophia, Margravine of Brandenburg (1584-1636)
Event type Births and christenings
Event place Stuttgart
Publication info Stuttgart; 1616; 8°
Festival type Ballet; Fireworks; Hunts; Masques; Running at the ring; Tournaments; Entries
Rulers Barbara Sophia, Margravine of Brandenburg, Duchess of Württemberg and Teck; Johann Friedrich, Duke of Württemberg and Teck
Shelfmark BL 605.a.26.; HAB Cod. Guelf. 6.6 Aug. 2°