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Book ID: 3056
Title La solenne et felice intrata delli Serenissimi Re Philippo, et Regina Maria d'Inghilterra, nella Regal citta di Londra alli xviij. d'Agosto M. D. L. III. Con la descrittione degli archi, & statue, & altre dimostrationi della publica letitia di quel Regno
Year of event 1554
Event description Entry into London of the recently wed Felipe II, King of Spain (1527-1598), and Mary I, Queen of England (1516-1558)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place London
Publication info [Milan?]; 1554; 4°
Pages [12]pp
Festival type Inscriptions; Orations; Pageants; Processions; Statues; Triumphal arches; Verses; Water processions
Rulers Felipe II, King of Spain; Mary, Queen of England
Shelfmark BL G6124.(3.)