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Book ID: 303
Title Diana su l'Elba, Introduzione Musicale alla Gran Caccia fatta sull' Acqua nelle vicinanze di Dresda per ordine di S.M. in occasione delle Nozze Di L.L.A.A.R.R. Diane sur l'Elbe. Divertissement en Musique . . .
Year of event 1719
Event description Musical introduction for the aquatic hunt held in Dresden for the wedding of Friedrich August II, Electoral Prince of Saxony (1696-1763), and Maria Josepha, Imperial Princess (1699-1757)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place Dresden
Publication info Dresden: J.C. Stössel; n.d.; 8°
Festival type Hunts; Musical performances and concerts
Rulers Friedrich August I, Elector of Saxony, as August II, King of Poland; Friedrich August II, Elector of Saxony, as August III, King of Poland; Maria Josepha, Imperial Princess, Electress of Saxony, Queen of Poland
Artists Heinichen, Johann David
Shelfmark BL G.1490./103; BL H06.2575 DSC; HAB Lo Sammelbd. 32 (4); BNF VMA-1681 (103)
Notes Bilingual edition in Italian and French. The French title is 'Diane sur l'Elbe'. The music is by Johann David Heinichen. Copy at HAB Lo Sammelbd. 32 (4) is also available as microfiche. A modern facsimile edition is also available with a parallel English translation: Heinichen, Johann David. Diana su l'Elba, ed. Michael Walter (Madison, Wisc.: A-R Editions, 2000) See copies at BL G.1490./103, BL H06/2575 DSC, and BNF VMA-1681 (103). It is also partially accessible in Google Books via the link above (music only).