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Book ID: 2905
Title Fvochi delle allegrezze della Francia Sopra le Pompe, e magnificenze fatte nella Regia Città di Parigi. Per le felici Nozze del suo Rè con la Serenissima Infante di Spagna . . .
Year of event 1612
Event description Fireworks for the wedding in Paris of Louis XIII, King of France (1601-1643), and Anna of Austria, Spanish Infanta (1601-1666)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place Paris
Publication info Milan: Pandolfo Malatesta; [1612]; 8°
Festival type Fireworks
Rulers Anna, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of France; Louis XIII, King of France
Shelfmark BL 1440.b.13.(24.); BNF 8- LB37- 4669
Notes This is another edition of the work at Book ID 1709. Translated from the French into Italian.