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Book ID: 2863
Title La reception du Roy par l'empereur Maximilian, & l'archiduc Ferdinand, faicte à Vienne. Avec les triomphes faicts à l'entrée du roy tres-chrestien à Venise
Authors Du Mont, Nicolas
Year of event 1574
Event description Entry into Vienna of Henri de Valois, King of Poland, as Henri III, King of France (1550-1589), on his way back to France from Poland and his reception by Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor (1527-1576), and his brother Ferdinand, Archduke of the Tyrol (1529-1595), as well as Henri's subsequent entry into Venice
Event type Entries
Event place Venice; Vienna
Publication info Rouen: pour Richard l'Allemand & Jean Pinard; 1574; 8°
Festival type
Rulers Ferdinand, Archduke of the Tyrol; Henri III, King of France and of Poland; Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor
Shelfmark BNF 8-LB34-60 (B); BNF MICROFILM M7270; BNF R59524
Notes For a different edition of this publication, see also Book ID 36.