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Book ID: 272
Title Acclamatio ad serenissimos principes, Christianum V. electum Daniarum . . . nec non: Magdalenam Sibyllam Saxonicam . . . cum profecturi in Egranas acidulas et carolinas thermas Wittebergam venissent
Authors Buchner, Augustus
Year of event 1634
Event description Latin eulogy for the wedding of Christian, Prince Elect of Denmark and Norway (1603-1647), and Magdalena Sibylle, Duchess of Saxony (1617-1691)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place
Publication info n.p.: typis Johannis Röhner; 1647; 2°
Festival type Eulogies
Rulers Christian, Prince Elect of Denmark and Norway; Magdalena Sybilla, Duchess of Saxony, Princess of Denmark, later Duchess of Saxony-Altenburg
Shelfmark HAB 153.6 Quod. 2° (3)
Notes See Book IDs 2761-2763 for the celebration of this wedding in Copenhagen.