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Book ID: 2681
Title Spectacvlorvm in svsceptione Philippi Hisp. Princ. Divi Caroli: V. Cæs. F. An. M.D.XLIX. Antverpiæ Æditorvm, Mirificvs Apparatvs . . .
Authors Scribonius Grapheus, Cornelius
Year of event 1549
Event description Entry into Antwerp of the future Felipe II, King of Spain (1527-1598)
Event type Entries
Event place Antwerp
Publication info Antwerp: Aegidius Disthemius for Petro Alosten; 1550; 4°
Illustrations 28 woodcuts after Pieter Coeck van Aelst
Festival type Entries
Rulers Felipe II, King of Spain; Karl V, Holy Roman Emperor; Willem V, Prince of Nassau-Dietz
Artists Aalst, Pieter Coeck van
Shelfmark BL 143.e.11.; BL 601.m.22.; BL 605.e.29.; HAB Microfiche 207:O-1592; HAB Gp 4° 52; BNF 4- RA11- 26; BNF Qz-56-4; BNF RES FOL- OC- 1660; BNF RES FOL- OC- 1660 (ALPHA) ; BNF RES FOL- OC- 1660 (B) ; BNF SMITH LESOUEF R- 56; V&A RBR.CUP.C.04; V&A 86.E.58; V&A SC.92.0032; BSB Res/2 Belg. 123 ; BSB Res/2 Polon. 17 t ; BSB Res/2 429