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Book ID: 2662
Title Histoire de l'entree de la reyne mere dv roy tres-chrestien, dans les provinces vnies des pays-bas
Authors Puget de La Serre, Jean
Year of event 1637
Event description Entry of maria de' Medici (1573-1642), widow of Henri IV, King of France (1553-1610), into the Low Countries. The Queen visited Bois-le-duc, Gorum, Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Delft, The hague, Haarlem, Amsterdam and Leyden and was received by Willem, Prince of Orange (1626-1650), Mary Stuart, Princess of Orange (1636-1661), and Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia (1596-1662).
Event type Compendia and general works: Netherlands; Entries
Event place Amsterdam; Bois-le-duc; Delft; Dordrecht; Gorum; Haarlem; The Hague; Leyden; Rotterdam
Publication info Antwerp: Balthasar Moretus; 1632; 2°
Illustrations 4 full-page engravings and 11 etchings, some by Wenceslas Hollar
Festival type Dramas; Orations; Speeches; Triumphal arches; Verses; Entries
Rulers Elizabeth, Princess of England, Queen of Bohemia; Maria de' Medici, Queen of France; Mary Stuart, Princess of Orange; Willem, Prince of Orange
Artists Hollar, Wenceslas
Shelfmark BL 138.h.4.(1.); BL 603.k.18.(2.) ; BL G.10865.(1.); HAB Gp 2° 17; BNF FOL- H- 1965 (1); BNF FOL- H- 1968 ; BNF RES- LB36- 3164 (2); V&A Piot 509 J; BSB Film R 360-971