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Book ID: 2539
Title True Copies of all the Latine Orations, made and pronounced at Cambridge, on Tuesday and Thursday, the 25. and 27. of Februarie last past 1622. by the Vice-chancellor and others of that Vniuersitie. In their Entertainment of the Excellent Lord, Don Charles de Coloma, Ambassador for his Catholike Majestie of Spaine to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie . . .
Year of event 1622
Event description Festivity in Cambridge in honour of Don Carlos de Coloma, Spanish Ambassador, at the time of the projected marriage between Charles, Prince of Wales (1600-1649), and Maria, Infanta of Spain (1606-1646)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place
Publication info London: W. Stansby for Richard Meighen; 1623; 4°
Festival type Orations
Rulers Anna of Denmark, Queen of England and Scotland; Charles I, King of England and Scotland; José I, King of Portugal
Shelfmark BL RB.31.b.1.(10.); BL 811.e.58.; BSB Film R 360-1059
Notes Latin and English. Copy at BL RB.31.b.1.(10.) is another edition (1813). See Book IDs 2350-2354 for festivities in Madrid for the Prince of Wales's visit to Spain.