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Book ID: 2538
Title L'ordre et ceremonies observees, a l'enterrement de la Royne d' Angleterre. Depuis sa maison iusques en l'Eglise d'Ouestmest à Londres. Le 23.May.1619
Year of event 1619
Event description Funeral of Anna of Denmark (1574-1619), wife of James I, King of Great Britain & Ireland (1566-1625)
Event type Funerals, Laments and Memorial Services
Event place London
Publication info Paris: Abraham Savgrain; 1619; 8°
Pages 7pp
Festival type
Rulers Anna of Denmark, Queen of England and Scotland
Shelfmark BL 9930.b.25.; BL G.17880.(1.) ; BNF 8- H- 12762 (13) ; BNF 8- NC- 251; BNF Z FONTANIEU- 319 (13)