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Title The Order and Solemnitie of the Creation of the High and mightie Prince Henrie, Eldest Sonne to our sacred Soueraigne, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornewall, Earle of Chester, &c. As it was celebrated in the Parliament House, on Munday the fourth of Iunne last past. Together with the Ceremonies of the Knights of the Bath, and other matters of speciall regard, incident to the same. Whereunto is annexed the Royall Maske, presented by the Queene and her Ladies, on Wednesday at night following
Year of event 1610
Event description Investiture in London of Henry Frederick (1594-1610) as Prince of Wales
Event type Investiture as Prince of Wales
Event place London
Publication info [London]: For John Budge; 1610; 4°
Pages [48]pp
Festival type Banquets and feasts; Machines/machine; Masques
Rulers Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales
Shelfmark BL 113.l.4.; BL 162.c.41.; BL 184.a.5.; BL 643.c.20.; BL 750.g.2.; BL C.33.e.7.(12.); BL G.6168.; BL T.505.(2.); V&A Dyce 25.D.13; BSB Film R 360-890 ; BSB Hom. 547
Notes Also in: Baron J. Somers, A collection of . . . Tracts, vol. 2 (1809; 4°) at BL 750.g.2. and A Second Collection of scarce & valuable Tracts, vol. 1, (1750; 4°) at BL 184.a.5. A digital copy of the edition held by the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery can be found here (copy link and paste into browser address bar):