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Book ID: 2527
Title The King of Denmarkes welcome: Containing his ariuall, abode, and entertainmente, both in the Citie and other places
Authors Robarts, Henry
Year of event 1606
Event description Entry into London of Christian IV, King of Denmark (1577-1648)
Event type Entries
Event place London
Publication info London: Edward Allde; 1606
Pages 28pp
Festival type Artillery and military salutes; Athletic games; Banquets and feasts; Hunts; Musical performances and concerts; Orations; Pageants; Processions; Running at the ring; Songs; Triumphal arches; Entries
Rulers Christian IV, King of Denmark; James I, King of England
Shelfmark BL 1093.b.71.; BL C.33.d.4.; BL C.33.e.7.(5.)
Notes See also Book ID 3036.