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Book ID: 2526
Title Whole Magnificent Enterteinment: giuen to King James . . . with the speeches and songs . . . And those speeches that before were publish't in Latin, now newly set forth in English.
Authors Dekker, Thomas
Year of event 1603
Event description Entry into London of James I, King of England (James VI, King of Scotland) (1566-1625), Anna, Princess of Denmark (1574-1619), and Prince Henry Frederick (1594-1612)
Event type Entries
Event place London
Publication info London: Imprinted by E. Allde for Tho. Man the yonger; 1604; 4°
Festival type Songs; Speeches; Entries
Rulers Anna of Denmark, Queen of England and Scotland; Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales; James I, King of England
Shelfmark BL C.124.c.5.