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Book ID: 2523
Title A true account of the Most triumphant and royal Grandeur, at the solemnization of the baptism of His Royal Highness, Henry Prince of Scotland, and afterwards Prince of Wales, Son to King James VI. of Scotland, and I. of England. He was baptized the 30th of August, 1594. Exactly reprinted, conform to the old Copy printed at London, in the Year 1603
Year of event 1594
Event description Christening in Stirling of Henry Frederick, Prince (1594-1612), son of James VI, King of Scotland (1566-1625) (later James I, King of England)
Event type Births and christenings
Event place Stirling
Publication info Edinburgh: Philander; 1745
Pages 16pp
Festival type
Rulers Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales; James I as James VI, King of Scotland
Shelfmark BL 605.d.29.(6.)