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Book ID: 2516
Title The Honorable Entertainement gieuen to the Queenes Maiestie in Progresse, at Eluetham in Hampshire, by the right Honorable the Earle of Hertford. 1591
Year of event 1591
Event description Visit by Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1533-1603), to Elvetham, Hampshire, during her progress
Event type Journeys and progresses
Event place Elvetham, Hampshire
Publication info London: John Wolfe; 1591; 4°
Pages [36]pp
Festival type Banquets and feasts; Dancing; Ephemeral architecture; Musical performances and concerts; Orations; Pageants; Songs; Speeches
Rulers Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Shelfmark BL C.33.e.7.(9.); BSB Film R 360-529
Notes Imperfect. A digital copy of the edition held by the Cambridge University Library can be found here (copy link and paste into browser address bar):