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Book ID: 2515
Title The Ioyfvll Receyuing of the Queenes most excellent Maiestie into hir Highnesse Citie of Norwich: The things done in the time of hir abode there: and the dolor of the Citie at hir departure . . .
Authors G., B.
Year of event 1578
Event description Entry into Norwich of Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1533-1603)
Event type Entries
Event place Norwich
Publication info London: Henrie Bynneman; 1578; 4°
Pages [56]pp
Festival type Hunts; Masques; Musical performances and concerts; Orations; Pageants; Processions; Songs; Speeches; Te Deums; Verses; Entries
Rulers Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Shelfmark BL Mic.A.708.(7.); BL C.33.d.2.; BL C.33.e.7.(2.)
Notes The copy at BL C.33.e.7.(2.) is imperfect. BL Mic.A.708.(7.) is a microfilm of a more complete copy in the Henry E. Huntingdon Library.