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Book ID: 2509
Title The Institution, Laws & Ceremonies Of the most noble Order of the Garter . . .
Authors Ashmole, Elias
Year of event
Event description
Event type Compendia and general works: England
Event place
Publication info London: J. Macock for Nathanael Brooke; 1672; 2°
Pages 2 vols. ii + 720pp
Illustrations Portrait of Charles II by W. Sherwin; 33 leaves of plates by Wenceslas Hollar
Festival type
Rulers Charles II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland
Artists Hollar, Wenceslas; Sherwin, William
Shelfmark BL 200.h.10.; BL 434.i.15. ; BL 608.l.1. ; BL 9930.i.37.(1.); BL Eve.c.10.; BL G.6302-6303.; BL Wf2/6182 DSC; BL X.805/190.; HAB Gr 2° 32; BNF RES FOL-NU-34 (A, RES); BNF FOL- NU- 34; BNF OC- 17 -PET FOL; BNF RES FOL- NU- 34; BNF RES-NU-34 (A); V&A CLE T15; V&A 44.G.58
Notes BL Eve.c.10. is the author's presentation copy to John Evelyn. BL 434.i.15., BL 608.l.1., BNF RES FOL-NU-34 (A, RES) and BNF RES-NU-34 (A) are a facsimile edition (London, for Thomas Dring; 1693). BL X.805/190. is a facsimile of the 1672 edition (London, Frederick Muller; 1971). BL Wf2/6182 DSC is a facsimile edition (Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co.; 1971). Copy at V&A CLE T15 is an eighteenth-century manuscript version, for the most part abridged from the work by Elias Ashmole.