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Book ID: 2499
Title Hymno, ode, e oração gratulatoria pela inauguração do regio monumento.
Year of event 1775
Event description Verses for the inauguration in Lisbon of an equestrian statue of José I, King of Portugal (1714-1777)
Event type Erection of a statue to José I, King of Portugal
Event place Lisbon
Publication info Lisbon: Na Regia Officina typographica.; 1775; 4°
Pages 19pp; 23pp; 34pp
Festival type Hymns; Orations; Panegyrics; Verses
Rulers José I, King of Portugal
Shelfmark BNF 8- RA14- 28 (2)
Notes Section 1: oration and hymn Section 2: panegyric verse Section 3: panegyric verse spoken by allegories of the four continents