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Book ID: 249
Title Teutschlands Krieges=Beschluß/ und FriedensKuß . . . Eigentliche Beschreibung/ auch Grund= und Perspectivischer Abriß des Fried= und Freudenmahls/ Schauspiel und Feuerwerks . . .
Year of event 1650
Event description Peace Celebrations in Nuremberg after the Peace of Westfalia, in the presence of Carl Gustav, later Carl X, King of Sweden (1622-1660)
Event type Victory and peace celebrations
Event place Nuremberg
Publication info Nuremberg: Jeremia Dümlern; n.d.; 4°
Pages 29pp + 40pp
Illustrations 1 engraving by S.L.
Festival type Banquets and feasts; Fireworks; Processions; Verses
Rulers Carl Gustav, later Carl X, King of Sweden
Artists L., S. {Eng}
Shelfmark BL 11522.e.31.(3); HAB 189.4. Quod. (29).; HAB 65.5 Pol.; HAB Microfilm 1:125; BSB 4 P.o.germ. 14 c
Notes Partly in verse. The plate shows a plan of the firework fortress and other ephemeral architecture. Includes another copy of: Teutscher Kriegs Ab= und FriedensEinzug, listed in Book ID 248.