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Book ID: 2319
Title Historia del luxo, y de las leyes suntuarias de EspaƱa . . .
Authors Sempere y Guarinos, Juan
Year of event
Event description
Event type Compendia and general works: Spain
Event place
Publication info Madrid: la Imprenta Real; 1788
Pages 2 vols: 219pp and 200pp
Festival type
Shelfmark BL 710.c.4.; BL MFR/11851 DSC ; BNF 16- R- 16083; BNF 8- OJ- 48; BNF R- 24505; BNF R- 24506; V&A 24.D. 60 (vol. I); V&A 24.D. 61 (vol. II)
Notes Copy at BNF 16- R- 16083 is a facsimile reproduction (Madrid : Atlas, 1973).