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Book ID: 2039
Title Relation générale, De tout ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable au sujet du mariage de Louis XV. Roy de France, avec la Princesse Marie-Stanislas . . .
Year of event 1725
Event description Wedding in Strasburg, Moret and Fontainebleau of Louis XV, King of France (1710-1774), and Maria Leszczynska, Princess of Poland (1703-1768)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place Fontainebleau; Moret; Strasburg
Publication info Paris; n.d.; 8°
Pages 32pp
Festival type Balls; Banquets and feasts; Comedies; Fireworks; Illuminations; Triumphal arches
Rulers Louis XV, King of France; Maria Leszczynska, Princess of Poland, Queen of France
Shelfmark BNF 8- RA4- 437
Notes Moret is where the King meets the Queen. Same work as at Book ID 20398. Includes a 'Harangue des Juifs de Metz'.