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Book ID: 1926
Title Le Grand divertissement royal de Versailles
Authors Molière (pseud.)
Year of event 1668
Event description Celebration of the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle held at Versailles by Louis XIV, King of France (1638-1715)
Event type Victory and peace celebrations
Event place Versailles
Publication info Paris: Robert Ballard; 1668; 4°
Pages 20pp
Festival type Ballet; Comedies; Mock battles; Musical performances and concerts
Rulers Louis XIV, King of France
Artists Lully, Jean Baptiste de
Shelfmark BL 11737.ff.28.; HAB Lm Sammelbd 9 (4); BNF 22764; BNF 8- RA3- 118 (9); BNF MICROFICHE M- 18627 ; BNF RES P- YF- 358 ; BNF RES- YF- 1229; BNF RESERVE 8- NF- 8033; BNF YF- 1393; BNF YF- 1400
Notes This book describes and gives the text of the musical entertainments given between acts of Molière's 'George Dandin', which was first performed at this festival. A digital copy of BNF RES- YF- 1229 can be found here (copy link and paste into browser address bar):