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Book ID: 1703
Title Le romant des chevaliers de la gloire contenant plvsievrs havtes & fameuses aduentures des Princes, & des Cheualiers qui parurent aux Courses faictes à la Place Royale pour la feste des Alliances de France et d'Espagne . . .
Authors Rosset, François de
Year of event 1612
Event description Wedding in Paris of Louis XIII, King of France (1601-1643), and Anna of Austria, Spanish Infanta (1601-1666)
Event type Weddings and betrothals
Event place Paris
Publication info Paris: Veuve Pierre Bertaud; 1612; 4°
Pages ii + 3 parts
Festival type Fireworks; Tournaments
Rulers Anna, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of France; Louis XIII, King of France
Shelfmark HAB Gk 1785; BNF 4- BL- 4281; BNF 4- BL- 4282 (1); BNF 4- LB36- 143; BNF 8- RA4- 172; BNF 8- Z LE SENNE- 7222; BNF 8- Z R ROLLAND- 12856 ; BNF FB- 11103; BNF MFILM 4- LB36- 143
Notes The pagination in part I is very confused: p. 58 as 85, then normal pagiantion to p.120; p.121 as fol.61 (though text not the same as the previous p.61), then foliation rather than pagination; however, it skips about too much to be detailed here (though apparently without affecting the text). Part II is foliated rather than paginated. Fol.35 is given as 33; fol.47 as 74; 61 as 37, 63 as 61; 64 as 62, then we have the correct sequence up to 71 (which is given twice, but the text is unaffected). There is no 72, 75 is given as 86. Part III gives fol.9 for 5.