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Book ID: 1687
Title Les royales covches, ov les naissances de Monsievr le Davphin et de Madame . . .
Authors Garnier, Claude
Year of event 1601-1602
Event description Births of the future Louis XIII, King of France (1601-1643), in 1601 and of his sister Elisabeth, Princess of France (1602-1644), in 1602
Event type Births and christenings
Event place
Publication info Paris: Abel l'Angelier; 1604; 8°
Pages xviii + 226pp
Illustrations 2 engravings by Jean Rabel, engraved by Karel van Mallery
Festival type Verses
Rulers Elisabeth, Princess of France, Queen of Spain; Louis XIII, King of France
Artists Rabel, Jean; Mallery, Karel van
Shelfmark BNF 8- BL- 15521 ; BNF 8- RA4- 147; BNF RES P- YE- 134
Notes The two engravings are the same.