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Book ID: 165
Title L'Amor della Patria superiore ad ogn'altro. Dramma musicale
Authors Sbarra, Francesco
Year of event 1664
Event description Opera 'L'Amor della Patria' by Francesco Sbarra and Johann Caspar Kerll performed in Munich for the birth of Ludwig Amadeus, short-lived son of Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria (1636-1679), and Henriette Adelaide, Princess of Savoy (1636-1676)
Event type Births and christenings
Event place Munich
Publication info Munich; 1665; 8°
Festival type Operas
Rulers Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria; Henriette Adelaide, Princess of Savoy, Electress of Bavaria; Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria
Artists Sbarra, Francesco; Kerll, Johann Caspar
Shelfmark BL; BNF 8-BL-8311
Notes See also Book IDs 166 and 2872 for other editions.