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Book ID: 1620
Title Discorso e particolar Notitia de le feste trionfi, pompe e giostre fatte in Francia dopo la conclusion de la pace, nel sposar di Madama Elisabetta, primogenita del Re Christianissimo. Insieme con le pompe funerali dopo la morte de sua Maesta Christianissima
Year of event 1559
Event description Wedding of Elisabeth de Valois (1545-1568) to Felipe II, King of Spain (1527-1598) after the Peace of Cateau-Cambr├ęsis; funeral of Henri II, King of France (1519-1559)
Event type Funerals, Laments and Memorial Services; Weddings and betrothals
Event place Paris
Publication info Venice; 1559; 4┬░
Pages [24]pp
Festival type Banquets and feasts; Masques; Masses; Orations; Tournaments; Triumphal arches
Rulers Elisabeth, Princess of France, Queen of Spain; Felipe II, King of Spain; Henri II, King of France; Karl V, Holy Roman Emperor
Shelfmark BL 1059.d.30.; BSB 4 Gall.g. 77
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