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Book ID: 1587
Title La sontuosa intrata di Carlo V. sempre Augusto in la gran Citta di Parigi, con gli apparati, triumphi, feste, Archí triomphali, liuree, presenti, cirimonie Ecclesiastíce, & pompe Regale, fatte a sua. M. in Francia
Authors [A., N.]
Year of event 1540
Event description Entry into Paris of Karl V (1500-1558), Holy Roman Emperor
Event type Entries
Event place Paris
Publication info n.p.; [1540?]; 4°
Festival type Artillery and military salutes; Banquets and feasts; Processions; Statues; Triumphal arches; Entries
Rulers Karl V, Holy Roman Emperor
Shelfmark BL 1318.c.7.(4.); BNF 8- RA4- 53; BNF MFILM RES- LB30- 180; BNF RES- LB30- 180
Notes See also Book IDs 1586 and 1588.