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Book ID: 1572
Title La triumphe de la paix celebree en Cambray/ auec la declaration des entrees et yssues des Dames/ Roix/ Princes et Prelatz . . .
Authors Thibault, Jehan
Year of event 1529
Event description Peace of Cambrai, so-called 'Paix des Dames', between Margarethe, Archduchess of Austria, Governor of the Netherlands (1480-1530), and Louise, Duchess of Savoy (1475-1531), mother of Fran├žois I, King of France
Event type Victory and peace celebrations
Event place Cambrai
Publication info Antwerp: Guillaume Vorsterman; 1529; 4┬░
Illustrations 1 woodcut on title page
Festival type
Rulers Louise, Duchess of Savoy, Regent of France; Margarethe, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Spain
Shelfmark BNF 8- RA4- 37; BNF MICROFILM M- 10853; BNF R 153081; BNF R29499; BNF RES 4- LB30- 144