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Book ID: 1416
Title Le attioni d'Arrigo terzo re di Francia, et quarto di Polonia: descritte in dialogo
Authors Porcacchi, Thomaso
Year of event 1551-1589
Event description Account of the deeds of Henri III, King of France, formerly King of Poland (1551-1589)
Event type Festivities of Homage
Event place Venice
Publication info Venice: Giorgio Angelieri; 1574; 4°
Pages 92pp
Illustrations ill.
Festival type Banquets and feasts; Dancing; Dialogues; Dramas; Fireworks; Musical performances and concerts; Statues; Tournaments; Tragedies; Triumphal arches; Water festivities/regattas; Water processions; Entries
Rulers Henri III, King of France and of Poland
Artists Merulo, Claudio; Bonardo, Giuseppe; Zerlini, Giuseppe; Terzo, Francesco; Caliari, Paolo (Veronese); Robusti, Jacopo (Tintoretto); Palladio, Andrea; Frangipani, Claudio
Shelfmark BL 10660.b.14; BL 286.d.39; HAB Microfiche 207:O-1944; BNF 4- LB34- 62; V&A 86.4.147; BSB 4 Gall.g. 16 ; BSB Res/4 H.eccl. 455
Notes A digital copy of BSB Res/4 H.eccl. 455 can be found here (copy link and paste into browser address bar): Giuseppe Zerlini was a singer.